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Lone rider


Own accommodation


We understand that you might be wanting to share a room with people who are not in your team i.e. friends, partners etc. If you are expecting to be in the hotel then please tell us your desired room configuration in the boxes below. We understand that some people prefer a single room but please understand that the hotels we use often have no singles and what's more, we need to fill the hotel up.

If you are determined to be in a single you may have to find your own accommodation.

The most common room format available is a twin. If you have a three person team then the odd one out may be asked to share with a stranger. Naturally, we will endeavour to put three person teams in triple rooms.

You will pay a £30.00 per person, room deposit in addition to your entry fee. Yes, that's £30.00 per person NOT per room. On arrival this £30.00 will be refunded to you in cash and then when you checkout you will be liable for your own room bill. You pay the hotel NOT us!

Desired Room Allocation

Write the guest names in of your party including non-riders - you don't have to fill up ALL the boxes! It's OK to allocate people to rooms who aren't team members.

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If you want to arrive early or stay for extra nights you must liaise with the hotel yourself.

How to Pay for the event:

Austin has entered the 21st century. You must pay using the PayPal button on the next page. BACS payments will no longer be accepted.


  1. Two person team sleeping in own accommodation is £350.00 + £350.00 = £700.00
  2. Three person team all in hotel is £350.00 + £30.00 + £350.00 + £30.00 + £350.00 + £30.00 = £1,140.00
  3. Two person team with one rider bringing their partner (all in the hotel) is £350.00 + £350.00 + £30.00 + £30.00 + £30.00 = £790.00

It is so much easier if one of you becomes the 'Treasurer' and makes a single payment for the whole team. Please, please do this.