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Next Events

Monday 04 Feb 2019
Bristol TRF – The Bull – BS5 8BQ – 7.30pm

Tuesday 05 Feb 2019
Wilts TRF – The Pilot – SN12 6TA – 8pm

Weds 06 Feb - North Wales TRF - Burntwood Pub - CH7 3EN

Thurs 7th Feb - Somerset TRF - The Maypole Inn - TA2  8RF

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Pics and biog if you need 'em The fabled mother lode of retro music recorded by Austin & The Fantastic Librarians. Yo' gotta have it! 1995-96, 40.000 miles around the world including being the first people to reach Magadan on bikes I customise overalls to make  them uniquely mondo! 2001 and we go back to conquer the notorious Zilov Gap. Lead by Dave Greenhough Stop hovering! Click thru for map-reading orgasms! I want to recruit you to my world of DIY adventure fun!
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